Our Departments

Telephone: 201.792.5866
FAX: 201.792.7090


Trucking Operations:

Roecina Bethea - Ext. 100 roecina.bethea@meccatrucking.com

Peggy Mecca - Ext. 104 peggy.mecca@meccatrucking

Michael Mecca - Ext. 110 michael.mecca@meccatrucking.com


Safety and Recruiting:

Mayra Camargo - Ext. 113 safety1@meccatrucking.com

Chris Uhl - Ext. 226 chris.uhl@meccatrucking.com


Dispatch Team:

Flavio Medina - Ext. 115 flavio.medina@meccatrucking.com

Jeannie Gutierrez - Ext. 118 jeannie.gutierrez@meccatrucking.com

George Rodriguez - Ext. 102 george.rodriguez@meccatrucking.com

Manny Bustamante - Ext. 116 manny.bustamante@meccatrucking.com


Send all orders to:



For our brokerage division:

Andre Zielinski - Ext. 124



Karen Geyer - Ext. 103 karen.geyer@meccatrucking.com



Sandy Anest - Ext. 107 sandy.anest@meccatrucking.com

Jerry Singh - Ext. 108 jerry.singh@meccatrucking.com


General Manager/HR:

Anthony Hodge - Ext. 109 anthony.hodge@meccatrucking.com

Chris Uhl - Ext. 226 chris.uhl@meccatrucking.com


Our locations

Headquarters - 580 Marin Blvd. Jersey City, NJ

- New Hook Rd. Bayonne, NJ

- Fairmount Ave. Jersey City, NJ

- Chapel Ave. Jersey City, NJ

- Glen Rd. Mountainside, NJ

- Ramsey Ave. Hillside, NJ


Contact information

Mecca and Son Trucking Co. Inc.'s mission is to provide you with dependable high quality logistics solutions at competitive prices. Lower prices, faster services.

Feel free to contact our offices Monday through Friday between 8 am and 6 pm by telephone, or anytime by email. Your questions, comments, concerns, and requests are important to us, and will be answered as soon as possible.


Mecca and Son Trucking

580 Marin Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ 07310
Office: 201-792-5866
Fax: 201-792-7090

The Mecca & Son main terminal is located at the foot of the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City, New Jersey.





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